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5 Different zip lines that will take your breath away! The first zip takes you high above the tree tops from one mountain to the next. 

It is the highest and longest zip line in Mexico, but also the safest, with several securing straps and a high quality, professional safety harness.

There is more to this adventure than the zip line, although the canopy tour will give you an adrenaline high that you'll never forget! 

Everything at the camp is done with an eye on ecology. Organically-grown fruits and vegetables are fertilized with natural compost, and all materials (including human and animal waste) is recycled. 

The steps to the top of the mountain are recycled tires filled with dirt to make them solid. Railings line the paths to make it even easier to climb.

Cattle on the private reserve are range fed and produce milk for residents of the small pueblo where the 123-acre camp is located.

You'll also see deer that are being raised "people-friendly" and will be let loose to roam the camp for the enjoyment of the visitors.

Near the dining pavilion, there's a large aviary with exotic colorful birds, and also an iguana sanctuary. Various nature trails traverse the property and visitors can enjoy the flora and fauna of the jungle-like grounds after the zipline tour.

Part of the tour is a hike through the green, tropical forest and across a hanging bridge. 

Even the bridge across the chasm is man-made and recycled from a fisherman's old net. Hang on! The fun has just begun!

To get there, you'll ride an open air bus to this magical private reserve, located in the spectacular hills surrounding  Manzanillo. This reserve is an Eco-Tourist and Adventure camp designed for teens, as well as young and mature adults looking for that special place to be in contact with nature and adventure at the same time.

What is a Canopy tour?

The principal attraction of the camp is a series of zip lines that transport the day-tripper from one point to another with a cable and pulley. Somewhat similar to cable cars, but here the adventurer hangs from a special harness. 

Originally zip lines were constructed from tree top to tree top, hence the name “canopy tour.” On this tour, the zip lines go from hilltop to hilltop making the tour higher, longer and a lot more exiting!  

Feel the rush as you soar high through the tropical jungle on the most thrilling canopy zip lines on the Pacific Coast! A wild and fun adventure you will never forget!

Learn about and enjoy our amazing wildlife and vegetation, including colorful birds, iguanas, breathtaking flowers and colorful butterflies, and other animals and trees you've only seen on the Discovery channel.

Or just relax after the tour and lounge in one of our comfortable hammocks in the dining area.

The zip lines are double cabled, making them super safe. Each cable has a load capacity of up to 3 tons; the harnesses, ropes and carabineers can hold up to 1˝ tons. There is no age or weight limit.

All the equipment is top quality and meets international safety standards.  Natura Camp personnel receive extensive training to operate the zip lines, and a paramedic is always present on all tours. You will be impressed by the total and complete concern by the staff for your safety and comfort.

 The hardest part of the trip is the climb up to the first hill, so if you're a senior, take your time, and proceed up according to your ability. If you need to, stop and rest. There are two rest areas with seating before you get to the first line, which also has a rest area. Remember, you have to go up, before you can zip down!

The largest zip line of the canopy tour an incredible 1,600 ft. flight from hilltop to hilltop starting at a height of 250 ft. Upon arriving at the second zip line (the fastest--you'll need to brake), the view of Manzanillo Bay is awesome! As the canopy tour continues downhill, you eventually arrive back at home base.

Duration of tour: approximately 4-5 hrs.

Meals and drinks: Lunch and drinks included.

Pick-up and drop off anywhere in the hotel zone is included, as is transportation to and from the cruise ship dock. No weight or age limit. Very young children can do the last three ziplines for $50. Come as a passenger to the camp for $30.

1-3 persons PER PERSON USD $85
4-6 persons $75
7+ $65


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