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Cownose rays
Roca Elefante and San Luciano, destinations in this 4-hour 2-tank boat dive adventure are just minutes off the shore of Manzanillo, but worlds away in terms of fascinating scuba experiences.

Feeding frenzy

Pacific Seahorse

Big-eye squirrelfish

Green moray

Roca Elefante is a beautiful underwater landscape that features, at depths up to 50 feet, swim-through crevices, tunnels and arches, coral reefs and a spectacular blow hole. In addition to your qualified PADI instructor with over 18 years experience in Manzanillo waters, you’ll also be accompanied by dive buddies like the yellowtail surgeonfish, king angels and several varieties of puffers. Turtles, eagle rays, and seahorses are seen on almost every dive!

You have the hurricane of ’59 to thank for the second half of your 2-tank dive. That severe weather event sunk the 300-foot San Luciano, a 98-year-old cargo steamship, in 25 feet of beautiful blue Pacific water.

While many varieties of fishes abound here, there’s the added fun of exploring all the wreck’s nooks and crannies. Based on current diving conditions, your PADI instructor may substitute alternative dive locations to find you the best dives for the day.


Blenny on shipwreck

Jewel Moray

Schooling cownose rays


White spotted puffer
This adventure is for certified divers. It includes all top quality Sherwood and Scubamax equipment, refreshments on board, and a qualified PADI Instructor or Divemaster in the water with you.

King Angels

Mexican dancer

Cortez Angel

Yellowtail surgeonfish

Red & blue anemone

After your dive, you are welcome to purchase lunch and use the facilities of a nearby beach restaurant, including rentals of jet skis, kayaks and boogie boards.

When you're ready to leave, the restaurant staff will be happy to call a taxi (at your expense) for your return to your cruise ship or hotel. Approximate cost back to the ship or to a hotel in the hotel zone is $12-15 per taxi for up to 4 people.

Our staff can stay with you long enough to gets your food orders done, but it is not always possible to stay with you for the duration of lunch because there is gear to wash.

Duration: 4 hours, meeting time is 9 a.m. to fit for gear. The boat leaves at 10 a.m. and arrives back at approx. 2 p.m. 4-person min., 7-person max. on boat.

Price per person: $95 USD (including all equipment); $85 USD (if you have all of your own equipment, except for tanks & weights)

Equipment supplied: Sherwood Brut or Magnum regulator with alternate air source & 3-gauge console, Sherwood or Scubamax BCD, mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit, tanks & weights)

After the 2-tank boat dive, you will be disembarking at La Boquita, a beautiful beach area of north Santiago Bay. Many divers choose to stay for lunch (at your expense) at a restaurant known as Marildo's, boasting the best fresh seafood in town. Transportation is included anywhere within the hotel zone.

Dolphins following boat

Garden eel

Camera Rental: Rent an Olympus Stylus 1030SW digital camera for your dive for only $35, and we'll put your photos on a CD for you to take home. This camera has a 2 gig memory card, so there is no limit to the number or size of photos and videos you can take. All of the photos on this page were taken with the Olympus Stylus camera, using the special underwater settings.

Underwater Videos taken with Olympus Stylus:

Heading to "The Aquarium,"
a 2-min. ride from the beach

Sea Turtle
at Club de Yates

Beautiful scenery
along the coastline of Colima
Sea Turtle
at Club de Yates
Giant Damselfish
at Elephant Rock
The "Bufadora," or blowhole
at Elephant Rock
"Puffer Fish City"
at Club de Yates
Mexican Dancer
at Club de Yates
Panamic Star
at Elephant Rock
Coral Reef
The "Aquarium"
Curious puffer
at Club de Yates
at Los Carrizales
at "San Luciano" Shipwreck
Cortez Angelfish
at Club de Yates
Peacock Flounder
at Club de Yates

What's in a crevice
at Elephant Rock?

Hiding in the coral
at "The Aquarium"

Feeding the King Angels
at Point "B"
Brittle Star
at Elephant Rock
Spotted Snake Eel
at "The Elevator"

Zebra Moray
 at Tail of the Elephant

Balloonfish having lunch
at The Pyramids
Stone Scorpionfish
at Playa Audiencia
Spotted Stingray
at Copper Belt
Golden Cownose Rays
at Playa Audiencia
Going to the "San Luciano"
shipwreck at La Boquita
"The Elevator,"
one of the stops
"The Elevator"...
.....going up!
Snorkeling at Club de Yates
with Yellowtail Surgeonfish
Grunts invade
"Puffer Fish City"
White Spotted Puffer,
a rare find
Spotted Snake Eel
at Club de Yates
Big-eyed Squirrelfish
in Playa Audiencia
Feeding & photographing
King Angels at Point "B"
Free Diver
hunts for octopus

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DIVE PACKAGE: 2 days of diving, (two 2-tank boat dives, scuba gear included)

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DIVE PACKAGE: 2 days of diving (two 2-tank boat dives, having all gear except tanks & weights)
Enter dates of tour & last name

Looking for more days of diving? E-mail us for rates.

*These special prices offered over the internet only. Must be paid for at the time of reservation through Pay Pal. We pay the Pay Pal fees. It is recommended that you plan your diving for the first days of your stay. While other tours can be done rain or shine, the Pacific Ocean can be unpredictable. By planning your diving activities first, when weather conditions do not permit you to dive on your chosen day, you still have other days as options.

Many people ask: Where will we be going to dive? Our PADI instructors try to choose the best diving for the day, subject to wind, waves, and visibility. They also take into consideration the level of experience of the divers on the boat, and specific requests. Always tell your instructor your concerns and preferences to be sure you'll have the best dives possible. The two dives mentioned above may be changed to other locations, based on conditions, instructor's knowledge or the areas/conditions, and divers' levels of experience. There are more than 25 different locations to choose from in Manzanillo.

Refund Policy: If for any reason, we cannot take the boat out to dive (weather conditions, for example), you will receive a full refund, or you may reschedule for another day. If, for any reason, you do not show up (hung-over, sick, out all night partying, for example), you may reschedule for another day, but there are no refunds. If you sign up for a dive package, and do not complete the package, there are no refunds. If you sign up for a 2-tank dive and choose not to do your second dive, there are no refunds. Our professional staff is on call, staying sober and healthy for your safety and enjoyment, and out of respect for the diving profession, we ask that you do the same if you have committed to dive.

Cruise Ship Passengers: If your ship does not dock in Manzanillo, you'll receive a full refund. If your ship docks on a different day, or is late, we will work with the cruise ship schedule to take you diving. If, due to weather conditions our boat captains advise us not to go out, a full refund. If it is raining, but not lightning, we will go out if conditions permit (based on our boat captain's advice). If it is lightning we will not go out, and you will get a refund. If you cancel within 1½ weeks of your departure date, full refund. If you are a no show, no refund.

Sorry, the union taxis prevent us from picking up our customers at the cruise ship dock. Taxis to our dive center cost $15 (tip included). Have exact change; the taxi driver won't have any, hoping for the remainder as a tip. If you are staying anywhere within the hotel zone, we can pick you up. The hotel zone begins at Las Brisas, and ends at Real del Country on Hwy. 200 (Miguel de la Madrid Blvd.).

Questions? Call 011-52-314-333-3678 (Carlos) or 011-52-314-120-2667 (Susan) at Scuba Shack

E-mail: scuba@gomanzanillo.com

(To make calls from the U.S. or Canada, dial 011-52 before the 10-digit number.)

(To make calls from Mexico, dial 01 and then the 10-digit number.)

To make local calls from Manzanillo, dial the last 7 digits.