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Arrival at the falls



Flowing, crashing, splashing--the waterfall in El Salto just north of Manzanillo is the principal waterfall in the state.

It is more than 100 feet in height, and is formed by the Minatitlán-Marabasco River.

Photographer's dream

Untouched by graffiti

Swimming the canyon


The drive from Manzanillo to El Salto takes only about 50 minutes, although you'll feel like you've gone back millions of years in time. Around every turn you expect to see a dinosaur right out of "Jurassic Park."

Beautiful. drive

Welcome to "Jurassic Park"

Getting there is half the fun--driving through jungles and tropical rain forests, on a winding mountain road where you cross the river several times.

You'll pass little Mexican pueblos, or villages (with speed bumps), so don't be surprised if you see people riding burros, and keep your eye peeled for cattle, dogs, goats or pigs in the road.

Pueblo of Camotlan

Burro at lunch

Cattle drive up the highway

Iron mine "Peña Colorada"

Pellets of Iron

Pelletizing plant

On the way to the falls, you'll see the iron pelletizing plant (where we'll stop so you can see what the pellets look like), the iron mine, container storage facilities for the port, and a small waterfall at the side of the road where we'll take a break.

This is the old road to the city of Colima. At the falls you'll see coffee trees, banyans and other precious hardwood trees, a "Chicle" tree (where Chiclets gum comes from), a tourist tree (red, scaling bark like a tourist with sunburn), lots of butterflies, and other wonders of nature.

Dripping "Chicle" gum

Tasting "Chicle" gum

"Tourist Tree"



Tranquil swimmin' hole

Postcard from the falls,
El Salto

Come on in!

Get this!

The kids can climb

Base of the falls

Big splash!

Small falls merging with
the Minatitlán-Marabasco

One giant leap in crystal
clear spring water!


Looking down the canyon

Second falls

Natural beauty

You can swim in the pools at the base of the falls, float down the canyon, and go for a hike to another fall that you can go under.


Just go for it, and jump in some of the deeper pools!

Floating down the canyon

Up the creek

Under the second waterfall

Diving in a deep pool

Everybody's jumping!

Stop action!

Coffee tree


Part of the tour is a trek through a cave, and, after coming out on the other side, there are deep pools to swim in as well as another waterfall.

Into the cave

Following the trail

Kind of dark in there

Snorkeling fun

Fresh water lobster

Yes, that's a snorkeling dog!

Sandy the snorkeling poodle

Olympus Stylus underwater
camera available for rent

Your own underwater
camera is also welcome

Stop action for sports
is a great camera setting
We bring snorkel gear, so you can see what’s down there in the crystalline spring water flowing downstream from the falls.

Fish and "chacal," a fresh water lobster are fun to watch.

Note: During the summer months, there is no snorkeling option because the falls will be muddy.

Taking a break

Never a crowd

Seize the minute!

2-story slide

Diving in a Spring-fed pool

Not the best form, but fun!

Water park overview
from the top of the slide

There is also a water park, fed by the same spring water (no chlorine!), and a 2-story water slide ending in a 5-ft. pool. Another 10 ft. pool has a diving platform. On weekends, there are vendors selling beer and snacks, such as beef tacos on homemade corn tortillas.

After the falls, we will have a delicious Mexican lunch in Minatitlan, a charming mountain pueblo at about 3,500 ft.

We'll bring along a cooler, and a a stop at a convenience store, and you can choose your drinks and snacks.

Church & town square of
Minitatlan, Colima

Tacos, burritos, chicken quesadillas and more!

Owner & hostess Estela


Wear bathing suit under T-shirt & shorts, bring sunscreen, shoes you don't mind getting wet, & towels.

Note: Depending on the time of year, the falls and the surrounding area may change.


This is a one-of-a-kind tour for the whole family. The untouched beauty of this area is beyond compare!

1-3 persons PER PERSON USD $85
4-6 persons $75
7+ $65
Children 4-8 years (seat belts used, car seat not provided) $45
Children under 3 free (car seat not provided)  



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Included: lunch, sodas, water, and snacks. Duration: 6+ hours.

This tour sounds like fun!

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